Publish Date : April 9, 2013 @ 6:21 pm
Category : Decoration, Monthly Feature, Planning


Spring marks the beginning of wedding season and I wanted this month’s feature to focus on the latest Spring Wedding Trends for 2013.




Vintage is often used in the wedding scene, but this spring it is going to reign not only in the wedding dress style, but will also become a big trend in wedding themes in general. Images via:

Vintage Chic


Emerald green already received the distinguished honor of being named Pantone’s 2013 Colour of the Year. However, another colour is going to be even more popular in weddings: mint green. Not only does this paler shade pair well with its emerald green counterpart, but it also looks just as great as part of a pastel colour palette. Image via:


Mismatched Bridesmaids

In case you don’t want to limit yourself to just one wedding colour, you can pick them all. Regardless whether you choose the bold or subdued hues; you can have your bridal party wear the outfits in different colours. Image via:

Mismatch Bridesmaids


Usually called the lovebirds, these sweet creatures have been always associated with romance and love so it is obvious why they perfectly suit all those wedding attributes like the decorations, invitations, cake toppers and centerpieces. Image via: &


Do it your way!

Overall the fasted growing trend in the wedding scene is for couples to set their weddings the way they want them to be. After all, it’s your day so go ahead and do it your way!