Publish Date : December 6, 2012 @ 9:49 am
Category : Planning
In spite of the title of this blog, I am in no way 100% against the idea of getting married at Christmas. For some people the season just works. My parents were both teachers and got married in Christmas because that was just the most sensible way to ensure they would have the time off from work to go on their honeymoon. However, I think that generally speaking there are a few good reasons why Christmas is a less than ideal time to tie the knot.

1. Families like to stay together at Christmas.

Finding time for one another is not necessarily any easier at Christmas time than throughout the year, but we tend to make the effort nonetheless. Christmas is a time for families to squeeze in some of that precious quality time that keeps the bonds between them strong. I prefer not to plan weddings during this period unless there is a strong reason for it, because I know that a wedding at this time can distract from this much needed family time (especially if people have come home from abroad to spend Christmas with their families).

2. Christmas is a time for evaluation.

Christmas and New Years are a period in the year when we like to take stock of our lives, our outlook, and our relationships. The general mood of Christmas is reflective and cosy, not quite the call to life that other seasons such as spring and summer evoke, especially in Malta.

3. It’s a bad time to ask for gifts.

Christmas is a time when most people have to face the considerable costs of buying presents for friends, family and co-workers. Throwing your wedding gift into the mix could be a little bit inconvenient to some guests, and could also mean that you wind up with no Christmas presents if family and friends assume that the wedding gift will ‘cover you’ for the season. Everyone likes a nice little Christmas gift.

4. The best venues in Malta are outdoors

This is less of a general point about Christmas weddings and more of a local take. Simply put, the best venues in Malta tend to include crucial outdoor areas. You could just keep the wedding indoors but that would be sacrificing some of the best spaces available to you. Why opt for less when you can opt for more?

5. You don’t want to force people to structure their Christmas around you

This is partially a continuation of my first point. Christmas is a personal time during which people often try to catch up with old friends, family members who have moved abroad etc. If you’re planning a wedding, and especially if you’re planning a wedding abroad, you need to be mindful of how this will cause others to plan their festive season around your needs.
At the end of the day, although I encourage my clients to avoid the Christmas season, I recognise that sometimes it is simply an opportune time for some couples. If you do plan to have your wedding at this time, I recommend that you be aware of the pitfalls of the season beforehand and plan with them in mind, and above all I happily wish you a merry Christmas wedding.